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1990s TV Draft Recap: The First Six Rounds (With List Of Rules)

1990s TV Draft Recap: The First Six Rounds (With List Of Rules)

For the full sha-bang of the 1990s TV Draft, listen to Episode 18 & Episode 19 of The Keystone Cast.

So we completed week 2 of the 1990s TV Draft on the latest episode of The Keystone Cast, and after six rounds, we’ve got some radical happenings happening. Before we run down who all has been scooped up, I think it would behoove us here at The Keystone Statement to actually post the list of rules of how this whole thing operates. “The Pittsburgh Draft” was a complete shit show since it had just about as many guidelines as Tina Turner’s Thunderdome and that fact is especially true since Zack ended up winning the whole damn thing (ohh I kid. Ahem, but still Zack, the kevlar lady.) So here we go:

The Keystone Cast: “1990s TV Draft” Rules

Rule #1: 27 character roster must have:

  • 4 Sitcom Male Characters

  • 4 Sitcom Female Characters

  • 4 Drama Characters (Male or Female)

  • 4 Nickelodeon Characters (excluded from all other categories; can be Nicktoons, game show hosts, personalities, show characters)

  • 4 Cartoon Characters (Nicktoons do not count)

  • 4 On-Air Personalities (TV hosts, game show hosts, news anchors, sports announcers, pro wrestlers)

  • 2 SNL Cast Members (amended after episode 19 - previously was SNL Characters)

  • 1 Utility Player (a character from one of the shows that was already drafted)

Rule #2:  A team can only draft one TV character from one show with the exception of the utility player (ex: if you draft Frasier from Frasier, you can't draft Niles)

Rule #3: Draft in whatever order you want as long as the roster spots are filled

Rule #4: Show must have had the majority of it’s run in those years.

Rule #5: No reality TV stars or hosts of a reality TV show (game shows not included)

Rule #6: Cartoon comedy duos (Nicktoons or other network) count as one pick (ex: Ren & Stimpy or Two Stupid Dogs)

Confused yet? Fantastic. Alright, so here are the draft results so far after two episodes:


Pick #1: Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld - Sitcom Male (Marcus)

Pick #2: Dr. Frasier Crane

Frasier - Sitcom Male (Zack)

Pick #3: Al Bundy

Married...With Children - Sitcom Male (Dominic)


Pick #4: Homer Simpson

The Simpsons - Cartoon Character (Dominic)

Pick #5: Rachel Green

Friends - Sitcom Female (Zack)

Pick #6: Bart Simpson

The Simpsons - Cartoon Character (Marcus)


Pick #7: Agent Fox Mulder

The X-Files - Drama Character (Marcus)

Pick #8: Marc Summers

Double Dare & What Would You Do? - Nickelodeon (Zack)

Pick #9: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

WWF - T.V. Personality (Dominic)


Pick #10: Kel

Keenan & Kel & All That - Nickelodeon (Zack)

Pick #11: Chandler Bing

Friends - Sitcom Male (Marcus)

Pick #12: Will Smith

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Sitcom Male (Dominic)


Pick #13: Roseanne Conner

Roseanne - Sitcom Female (Dominic)

Pick #14: Danny Tanner

Full House - Sitcom Male (Marcus)

Pick #15: Steve Urkel

Family Matters - Sitcom Male (Zack)

Pick #16: Drew Carey

The Drew Carey Show - Sitcom Male (Zack)

Pick #17: Ren & Stimpy

The Ren & Stimpy Show - Nickelodeon (Marcus)

Pick #18: Doug Funnie

Doug - Nickelodeon (Dominic)

So there we go - six riveting rounds in the books. Like the picks so far? Who's getting snubbed? Who doesn't deserve to be there? Who's winning? Sound off in the comments or shoot us an email at thekeystonestatement@gmail.com.

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