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Week 6 Recap Of The 1990s TV Draft: Nickelodeon Dominates

Week 6 Recap Of The 1990s TV Draft: Nickelodeon Dominates

For the full sha-bang of the 1990s TV Draft, listen to Episode 18Episode 19 , Episode 20 & Episode 21, Episode 22 & Episode 23 of The Keystone Cast.

Note: In writing this post I inadvertently murdered the Week 4 recap post (I "edited" when I should have "duplicated"), so if you go to try look for it on the site, it no longer exists. It's also like James Van Der Beek never existed. Sad!

Second Note: My all-in-one HP Pavilion PC just died on me so no fancy graphic with the 90s Draft logo and fun TV crossover - just Don Johnson arm wrestling Cheech Marin. R.I.P. HP; four to five years is a good run for your shitty manufacturing.

My body wasn't in attendance for week 6 but that doesn't mean I didn't clean house. My buddy Kevin subbed in for me and got the picks I wanted and (despite my request) "Big Oil" Kev went against one of my picks to grab up a comedy legend before drafting another. The rest of the draft was taken over by Nickelodeon and we had another illegal pick - oh, boy, let's take a look.

The Keystone Cast: “1990s TV Draft” Rules

Rule #1: 28 character roster must have:

  • 4 Sitcom Male Characters

  • 4 Sitcom Female Characters

  • 4 Drama Characters (Male or Female)

  • 4 Nickelodeon Characters (excluded from all other categories; can be Nicktoons, game show hosts, personalities, show characters)

  • 4 Cartoon Characters (Nicktoons do not count)

  • 4 On-Air Personalities (TV hosts, game show hosts, news anchors, sports announcers, pro wrestlers)

  • 3 SNL or In Living Color Cast Members (must have at least one from each)

  • 1 Utility Player (a character from one of the shows that was already drafted)

Rule #2:  A team can only draft one TV character from one show with the exception of the utility player (ex: if you draft Frasier from Frasier, you can't draft Niles)

Rule #3: Draft in whatever order you want as long as the roster spots are filled

Rule #4: Show must have had the majority of it’s run in those years.

Rule #5: No reality TV stars or hosts of a reality TV show (game shows not included)

Rule #6: Cartoon comedy duos (Nicktoons or other network) count as one pick (ex: Ren & Stimpy or Two Stupid Dogs)

"1990s TV DRAFT" ROUND 17 (EPISODE 23)


Pick #49: Nash Bridges

Nash Bridges - Drama Character (Dominic)


Pick #50: Bill Nye

Bill Nye The Science Guy - T.V. Personality (Marcus)


Pick #51: Tommy Pickles

Rugrats - Nickelodeon (Zack)

"1990s TV DRAFT" ROUND 18 (EPISODE 23)


Pick #52: Molly Shannon

SNL or In Living Color Cast Member (Zack)


Pick #53: Grace Adler

Will & Grace - Sitcom Female (Marcus)


Pick #54: Jim Carrey

SNL or In Living Color Cast Member (Dominic)

"1990s TV DRAFT" ROUND 19 (EPISODE 23)


Pick #55: Stick Stickly

Nick in the Afternoon - Nickelodeon (Dominic)


Pick #56: Rocko

Rocko's Modern Life - Nickelodeon (Marcus)


Pick #57: Arnold

Hey Arnold! - Nickelodeon (Zack)

Hey football head! Four out of the nine picks this week were Nickelodeon (that's almost half for you math nerds out there). And Marcus's Grace pick wasn't so graceful as she fails to make the 90s cut considering the show's majority of it's run was in the 2000s. Bummer tunes for him, but there's rules to this shim sham game and my degenerate brother wasn't playing by them. He'll get a replacement pick next week. So here's how thing stand after this week:

1990s TV Draft Rosters - Sheet1 (3)-1.png

Who do you think is winning so far? Who is drafting the worst? Do you even give a solitary thought to this, people? Sound off in the comments or shoot ji an email at thekeystonestatement@gmail.com.

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