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In Light of Foerster Firing, Here's the Top 5 NFL Talents Who Liked Nose Candy

In Light of Foerster Firing, Here's the Top 5 NFL Talents Who Liked Nose Candy

Look, we all get it. If you're young, rich, and tend to go to parties a lot, there's a good chance you will be offered some illegal drugs. Most coaches, however, tend to be the type to keep their shit together so this Foerster business is a bit of a head-scratcher.  Regardless, the recent controversy got me thinking: Which football stars managed to be big names despite the fact that they would occasionally imbibe in a little booger sugar? Here's my top 5 ranking.

Todd Marinovich


This dude was basically the Johnny Manziel of the 1990's. Marinovich was enough of a star in USC that the Raiders were willing to look past the fact that he was arrested in college for cocaine possession and draft him in the first round. Well, things didn't quite pan out, as Todd managed to get himself kicked out of the league after only two years with numerous positive testings for substance abuse.

Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson


This crazy bastard actually admitted to using a coke-laced inhaler during the fucking Super Bowl in 1979 against the Steelers. Think that's weird? It gets weirder. After Henderson was fired by Tom Landry and served a stint in prison, he managed to get clean before going on to win $28 million in the lottery. Talk about a bizarre and awesome life.

Michael Irvin


One of my favorite players ever, Irvin got himself into a bit of a jam with the law in 1995 when he was busted in a hotel room where he was having what sounds like a pretty good time with two strippers, some weed, and 4 ounces of blow. Thankfully for me as a Cowboys fan, Irvin went on to havefabulous career and is now a successful analyst with the NFL.

Lawrence Taylor


Probably the greatest linebacker to ever play the game, LT was no stranger to the yeyo. Though most of his arrests and troubles came after his career in the NFL was over, the Pro Football Hall of Famer admitted to using it while in the league, and even claimed that coaches and the front office knew about it.

Dan Marino


This is a case where one man's alleged penchant for cocaine use actually hurt an entire city. Dan Marino was viewed as a very early pick in the 1983 draft, and a likely favorite for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a replacement for the aging Terry Bradshaw. Well, rumor of his partying ways managed to make Marino drop to the 27th overall pick, and we all know where this story goes. Terry Bradshaw gets hurt that very season and retires, while Marino goes on to fucking light it up in Miami for one of the best careers in NFL history. Who knows how many Super Bowl championships Pittsburgh could have had by now.

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