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Warren Sapp Sucks, Everybody

Warren Sapp Sucks, Everybody


NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp is among the several former NFL players named in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against NFL Network by a former employee.

Jami Cantor, who worked as a wardrobe stylist at the network, alleges multiple cases of inappropriate sexual behavior committed by executives and on-air talent that include unwanted touching, sexting and propositions.

Sapp stands accused of urinating in front of Cantor, talking openly about sexual experiences, showing her nude photos of women on his phone and giving her sex toys as Christmas gifts three years in a row.

What's the best possible route to distance yourself from a sexual harassment allegation? Probably not posting sex toys that you gifted to female employees would be a good start.

Warren Sapp always sucked as a person if you ask me. As a defensive lineman he was a monster, but something about his talent allowed him years of free reign to act like a first class asshole on the field and off of it.  Like a Joey Porter or Bill Romanowski, he's got that Kenny Powers/high-school-jock-that-pulls-you-aside-to-burp-in-your-face vibe, but instead of the burp in your face part, he unabashedly pisses in front of you (allegedly). 

He told Slater that while on commercial break for a morning show he rushed to use the bathroom and asked Cantor to leave when she was in the only bathroom on set because he had to get back on the air after the break. He said he believed she had left the bathroom when he asked her to.

The shame of it is I could see him being an oblivious dick enough to not realize someone else was in the room, but I could also see him shaking hands with governor completely aware of who is and isn't in the water closet with his dipshit self. Also, the man trashed Vinny before so I feel a little more comfortable not giving him the benefit of the doubt. Oh, yeah, also he sucks enough to tweet out this gem:

“Ain’t no me too on sexual harassment,” Sapp said. “Are you kidding me? No way. Uh-uh, sir. No. You’re not going to put that one on me.

Pretty sure they are, Sappy. Take a look, everybody. This is what happens when your star is fading yet you still consider yourself untouchable. But according to Warren: “I was raised better than that.”

Oh, really? Raise better than this, eh?


"Keep your head on a swivel" and GFY.

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