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The Dude Of The Week: 3/5/17

The Dude Of The Week: 3/5/17

Hello, one and all, man and woman, young and old, scum and stellar - this is "The Dude Of The Week" and it makes it's return to the blogging world after several hiatuses. If you aren't familiar with DOTW, let's let my old website give you a recap of it's origins and how this weekly posting actually works (it's pretty direct if you couldn't guess):

"Dude Of The Week" first started on my Facebook page in March 2009, because I didn't know what to do with that stupid text box that they added underneath your profile picture.   Finally, I thought the perfect way to utilize that useless addition would be to present the latest "man crush" that I've developed over the past seven days.  And let's face it, I have a crap-ton of "man crushes", so I might as well talk about them.  Here's a loose set of the rules I've constructed for this thing if you want to take a gander:

1. Has to be a man (So even though Scarlett Johansson is talented and smokin' hot, she ain't gonna win).

2. This person (famous or not) has to have intrigued or inspired me somehow over the previous seven days.

3. I can do whatever I want. I'll be more than happy (and flattered) to take suggestions and even adhere to them, but if I don't like the guy, he will not get it.  Also, if a DOTW winner ever does something I deem degenerate, I can revoke this prestigious honor quicker than you can say "Jack Johnson".

4. Fictional men can be inducted.

5. Bands can be inducted as one DOTW.

I'll list more "rules" as I go along.

Oh will you "list more 'rules'", past Dominic? Or will you forego writing after successfully updating it week after week for five years straight?

I did just that. Tossed DOTW aside like it was an old pair of Levi's with a hole in the crotch. Neglected. Forgotten. Left to wonder in the annuls of the Al Gore Internet along with Angelfire, Ask Jeeves and that paperclip who would guide you through the difficulties of Microsoft Works. Never to be seen or randomly commented on by a Dean Martin fan again.

Well, that just ain't gonna happen. With the success of The Keystone Statement, DOTW has a new, revitalized platform to shout it's man crushing lungs from where several (no, perhaps dozens) of people will scroll past in search for better content.

So here it goes. Take my clammy, poor circulated hand as I present to you the return of...The Dude Of The Week.

3/5/17: Hugh Jackman

Logan may be Wolverine's final ride into the superhero sunset, and if that is indeed the case, Hugh Jackman does it with unbridled bloodshed, violence and a whole boatload of cuss words. DOTW was lucky enough to see an advance screening of Logan two weeks before it's release on Friday, and it was mighty tough to bite my tongue on it's goodness. There's no questioning the homage it plays to classic westerns as Logan is very much a lone gunfighter on the run with the odds stacked against him (very Eastwood's Unforgiven in that sense, just with claws and a great deal of binge drinking), but Hugh (the talent that he is) gives Wolvie quite the swan song. He's a mutant against time and with a lot of bad guys to impale.

(Stay tuned for a full on review by KS's Jarrod Joos later on this week!)

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