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Deadspin Blogger Disrespects Dan Rooney

Deadspin Blogger Disrespects Dan Rooney

With Barstool's ongoing rise to the top of sports blogging globe, sites like Deadspin have been getting more and more irrelevant as time goes on, and it seems that their writers seem to be grabbing for attention with half-assed (or no-assed) fact checking and degenerate headlines. Like this one, here:

Now journalism school (college as most call it) and some fuckin' common sense will tell you that writing "'INSERT NAME HERE' is Dead" is the #1 way to not the way document someone's death, but surprise, this is Deadspin here, who's like the blogging equivalent of Wooderson in Dazed and Confused, so leave it to them to write something tone-deaf as all get out. This is only the first instance of journalistic lawlessness that this blogger, Dom (great name, bad beard), writes as there's more to come. After giving a basic rundown of what Dan Rooney did for Pittsburgh and the Steelers he goes on to trash the just-passed Rooney for some of his more controversial moments, read away:

Per Dom Cosentino via (that clown show) Deadspin :

However, Rooney’s legacy is far from perfect. He was, after all, still a wealthy businessman in America with a powerful organization to maintain. In 2008, after the Steelers released a bum of a wideout named Cedric Wilson following Wilson’s arrest for punching his girlfriend, Rooney said “the Steelers do not condone violence of any kind, especially against women.” When subsequently asked why the Steelers did not do the same to star linebacker James Harrison, Rooney stepped in it by saying Harrison “was trying to do something good” because he wanted to take his son to get baptized against the wishes of his girlfriend.

For all the goodwill Rooney engendered in Pittsburgh—even among his players—he also frequently sought and received public funds to build and maintain Heinz Field, while also building a practice facility on a tax-exempt property owned by a local non-profit health care consortium. When the Steelers sought to add seats to Heinz Field a few years back, they sued the city to avoid paying for it.

Current and former Steelers players and coaches have often gushed about Rooney’s kindness, generosity, and humility—and with good reason. But it’s also hard not to notice that Hall of Fame center Mike Webster, a cornerstone of the team’s 1970s dynasty that Dan Rooney built, spent the last years of his life homeless and destitute before dying of a heart attack in 2002 at age 50, though Rooney did eventually fight to get disability benefits on Webster’s behalf.* In death, Webster was the first former NFL player to be diagnosed with CTE.

Maybe not rule #1 in writing about someone's death, but you usually take some time for the dust to settle until you start disparaging that person (unless those actions/comments is what he was primarily known for). Brooklyn Bearded Dom doesn't even wait four paragraphs. Not only that but the tone of the article and the tone of the headline line up about as well as the ants Homer "frees" on his space trip. Even Mark Madden, Pittsburgh's resident sports loudmouth and a primary Steelers trasher, took exception to super hipster Dom's write up:

Yeah, Bearded Dom. Not a good move. Kinda look like a joker and like you shouldn't have a Brooklyn residence working for a (former) super popular entertainment blog considering you're not "hip" on writing etiquette. Plus, you're originally from Pittsburgh, dude. Let Yinzers bum a little bit. You're just doing it all for eyes and clicks, and granted, I am writing this particular commentary for the same purpose as I know only bits and pieces of Dan Rooney's life, influence and effect on the city (not a Steelers fan either), but I won't write about things I don't know (or I'll at least do research before or as I'm writing).

Here's some tips from a guy who has no notoriety whatsoever, shares your name, but still manages to remember key parts of his undergraduate education:

  • Take a refresher course at CCNY (I Googled "journalism colleges in NYC" before making that joke - research!)
  • Shave that face trash off your face.
  • Don't write "quick things" anymore.

There ya go.

R.I.P. Dan Rooney.

Photo: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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