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Stephen King Books Begging for a Sequel (Or Prequel)

Stephen King Books Begging for a Sequel (Or Prequel)

Stephen King is arguably the most prolific and popular authors of the past 40 some odd years. His writings have left an indelible mark on not only the horror genre, but also drama, romance, and mystery.

Anyone who is one of King's "Constant Readers" knows that he links all of his books with each other, allowing for crossover characters, intermingled story lines, and tons of Easter Eggs throughout his works. That being the case, he has left room for tons of opportunities for sequels, and has even delivered a few to some of his most popular works (The Shining and the Talisman to name a couple).

In this article, I will examine 5 of his works which I personally would love to see sequels or prequels to. Write in an comment if you think I'm off-base, or if you have some ideas for sequels or prequels you'd like to see. And be warned, there are SPOILERS ahead.

5. The Mist

While technically a novella in King's short story collection Skeleton Crew, this is one Stephen King work which didn't exactly end with a nice pretty bow tying everything together. While the movie provided fans with some pretty devastating closure, the books ends with our characters hearing the word "Hartford" through a garbled radio broadcast, and setting off in search of safety. I can absolutely see at least one follow up book revealing what they encountered in their travels to Hartford and if they managed to survive the horrors waiting for them in the mist. Maybe (in The Walking Dead fashion) some of the people they encounter on the way prove to be more dangerous than tentacle-clad monsters in the mist.

4. The Talisman and Black House

The Stephen King, Peter Straub joint venture The Talisman already received an excellent sequel with 2001's Black House, revealing how Jack Sawyer turned out as an adult. Peter Straub revealed in 2016 that he and King have a great idea in mind for a third installation, and if it wasn't for some health issues encountered by Straub, it would likely already be in print. One thing's for sure, it would certainly provide readers with a nice, final visit from Sawyer and the Territories.

3. 'Salem's Lot

This book is my personal favorite of King's works, and it is an incredible examination of what would occur if a character like Dracula were to make his way into small town America. King has provided fans with a short story prequel in the form of Jerusalem's Lot, and a short story sequel with One For the Road, both published in his first short story collection, Night Shift. However, as a huge fan of this book, I would love to see more. The end of the novel saw Ben Mears and his young compatriot Mark Petrie return to 'Salem's Lot a year later to resume the fight and cleanse the town of its vampiric curse, and their trials and tribulations would keep me absolutely engrossed.

2. IT

Arguably Stephen King's most notable work, 1986's IT provided fans with enough terror to last them the 31 years since its release. While most would argue (and rightly so) that the book was a masterpiece and should not be tampered with, King did leave the door open for at least a short story spinoff. Nearing the end of the novel, it is revealed that the clown/spider/incomprehensible monster is pregnant, and one of the members of the Loser's Club methodically stomps on each of the eggs that it drops in order to rid the world of any further scourge. But what if he missed one of the eggs, and the sewers of Derry, Maine, has had a monstrosity growing up in it's network of pipes all these years? I know I would like to find out.

1. Pet Sematary

This is one sequel which intrigues me the very most. While the curse of the Micmac burial grounds devastated the entire Creed family, and spooked out readers beyond compare, there is one thing which has always left readers wondering: what ever became of Ellie Creed? The daughter of the protagonist apparently goes on to live with her maternal grandparents, and that is the last we hear of her. As she gets older, doesn't it only stand to reason that the questions of what became of her family in Ludlow, Maine would overwhelm her? I know that if my little brother, mom and dad all died under mysterious circumstances, I would likely return to the place where it happened to put all the pieces together. This sequel appeals to me the most because it makes the most sense, and I can already see King flexing his literary muscles with an incredible and harrowing tale.

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