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Under The Radar: Are You Afraid of the Dark? Is On YouTube...So Plan Your 90's Horror Night With This Top 5 List

Under The Radar: Are You Afraid of the Dark? Is On YouTube...So Plan Your 90's Horror Night With This Top 5 List

Let me just begin by saying that when I was a chubby, poofy-haired 90's kid, my Friday nights were spent watching Nickelodeon, enjoying such classics as Roundhouse, Clarissa Explains It All, and of course, Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

The transition from goofy, young adult content to the creepy intro to the kids horror show (that fucking clown in the attic!) was enough to make just about anybody's skin crawl, let alone a prepubescent western PA kid who would not have needed to be plumped up at all if that witch from Hansel and Gretel got ahold of him.

The baby fat is gone, but my love for horror has remained, and when I really think about it,  it is undeniable that Are You Afraid of the Dark? had a lot to do with my adult interests in the genre. That's why my discovery of these 90's gems on YouTube was huge news for me, and whenever I have some time to burn, I'll watch a couple of episodes and transport myself back to those lost Friday nights.

However, allow me to be clear, dedicated readers: some of these episodes are absolute bullshit.

For every episode that gives me the heebie-jeebies, there are probably 4 that make me wonder how any adult producer or director could endorse such trash. That is why, friends and neighbors, this article will provide those interested few of you with the Top 5 Episodes, as chosen by yours truly. Take the time to look these episodes up, and comment if you agree or disagree!

5.) The Tale of the Quicksilver

This particular episode really spooked me out because it gave a face to a demon which was rumored to haunt the men's locker room of the Ridgway YMCA. Legend had it that if one were to turn out the lights in the locker room, go in alone, and say "Quicksilver" in the mirror three times, the demon would appear and kill you...or follow you home. That being the case, I found this episode difficult to get through as a kid, and I still cherish it as an adult.

4.) The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner

Holy shit did this dude scare me as a kid. Not only was he horrific visually, but the fact that he would basically render people insane with laughter and they would start spewing blue goo was just enough of a creepy touch to make the buttcheeks clench on even the toughest 90's kid.

3.)  The Tale of the Deadman's Float

You know that stupid feeling you get occasionally when you're in a pool by yourself? That one where maybe there is a shark in the pool with you, or some invisible entity waiting for you to wander too close to the deep end so it can pull you down to drown? This episode gives life to that paranoia big time, and it made going to the pool even more difficult for this chubby 90's kid.

2.) The Tale of the Lonely Ghost

This episode was incredibly sad and spooky at the same time. A mom whose young daughter went missing has become the creepy lady in town, and it takes a girl spending the summer at her aunt's place, and her bitchy cousin to solve the mystery of what became of the girl. Spoiler alert: She's been trapped in a mirror in an abandoned house...*shiver*

1.) The Tale of Laughing in the Dark

You all knew this was going to be number 1, I'm sure. What other episode could it be? Zeebo the Clown gets pissed at this redheaded kid who steals his nose at an amusement park, and he stalks the kid to reclaim it. When the kid is home alone and he realizes that the clown is in the house with him, it is still legitimately frightening.

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