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Under The Radar: Best 90's Shows You Totally Forgot About

Under The Radar: Best 90's Shows You Totally Forgot About

Say What you want about some of the horrific aspects of the 90's (Vanilla Ice, visor hats, and JNCO jeans come to mind), but the decade provided us with some of the best TV we could have ever asked for. 90's TV gold wasn't just limited to the big hits like Seinfeld or Friends either, but there are some shows which have been largely forgotten which, under better cicumstances, may have been smash hits. In this article, we will have a look at the Top 5 90's shows which were good, but maybe not good enough that we all remember them. These are in no particular order.

Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place

If I told you today that a show was coming out starring Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion, your mind might explode from excitement. Well, before those two were stars, they were in a little remembered show which had so little to do with a pizza place, that it was later titled simply Two Guys and A Girl. In any case, it's hard to imagine a show like that not being successful, but it got thrown in the scrap heap after only 4 seasons. Still, I remember classic Ryan Reynolds moments of hilarity, and it better hands, this show could have been a major hit.

Nick Arcade

Nickelodeon decided to capitalize on the growing video game industry by creating a show in which kids were actually in the game! In truth, the kids were jut standing in front of a fucking green screen, jumping, climbing, and punching as directed, but still, the show was incredibly cool, and every kid of the 90's wished that they had a chance to jump around like an asshole on camera.

Eureeka's Castle

This show was awesome. Centering around a bunch of puppets who live in a music box which is also a castle, we were treated to a Sesame Street type show which provided entertainment and education. I for one loved the show, and was up in arms every time my sister so rudely presumed to call it Eureeka's Asshole in my presence. Also, admit it, you had one of the above shown rubber puppets from Pizza Hut.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose

TV's answer to Ferris Bueller, Parker Lewis was a fun, snarky teen, with a personality which was only slightly less loud than his ridiculous shirts. I for one spent nearly every Saturday watching this masterpiece on USA right after American Gladiators. When that was your television lineup, you know your childhood was awesome.

The Adventures of Pete and Pete

I'm pretty sure this series is out on DVD now, and I think I may need to pick it up so that I can truly appreciate the subtle humor and hilarious nuances which went directly over my head as a chubby youth. I still enjoyed the show from an adolescent perspective, but thinking back on it, The Adventures of Pete and Pete was so artfully crafted, it would really take an adult to appreciate most of what they were doing.


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