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Master Ultimate Team Without Spending a Cent on Madden 18

Master Ultimate Team Without Spending a Cent on Madden 18

I started playing Ultimate Team for Madden 15 and I haven't looked back. In spite of the repetitive nature of the game, the fact that EA openly tries to rake you over the coals for mediocre cards, and the occasional abusive middle schooler who manages to outsmart your defense and trash talks the whole time you play him, I have enjoyed building my own custom team on the game immensely. For those of you who don't know, basically you can buy and sell cards on an auction block online, using online currency (referred to as coins) to procure current and former players to add to your squad. You then face people online, and can earn more coins along the way. Here's the caveat: Coins are much easier to get by spending actual money opening packs which contain players, which you then keep, or sell on the auction block. A little confusing, I know. If you have never played Madden Ultimate Team before, there is plenty of literature online which does a much better job of outlining what the program is all about.

When I bought Madden 15, I am sad to admit that before it was all said and done, I spend around $150 - $200 of real money trying to build the team that I wanted. Ultimately, I got every single player that I wanted on my team, but in the end, all I truly got was a depleted bank account. Think $200 is a lot to spend? I have read online about people spending closer to $2,000 buying packs and bundles in an effort to assert their dominance online. No joke..people actually take the game that seriously.

Flash forward to today, and I am still enjoying Madden 17 Ultimate Team before the release of Madden 18 later next month. My team in Madden 17 is 98 overall (99 is the best it can get, and I'm sure I'll get there before 18 comes out) and you know how much I spent this time around? Maybe $30. And next year, I plan to spend nothing.

Many readers familiar with the money-sucking nature of MUT are scratching their heads reading this, but you truly don't have to spend anything to have an excellent team. In this article, I will give you some of the key things to consider before opening your virtual wallet this for EA again.

You Don't Need To Have 99 Overall Cards at Every Position

I truly believe that some positions play just was well with 95 or even 93 overall cards as they do with 99 overall cards. For instance, my quarterback has been 94 overall Carson Palmer since the time the card was released. I am a Carson Palmer fan and that's his best card, so that's the one I have stuck with. He has been absolutely incredible for me since I picked him up, and I have defeated plenty of guys online who have 99 overall Vick, Favre, Rodgers, and Brady with no problem whatsoever. Save your coins at QB, HB, FB, and 2/3 of your WR corps. It comes down to skill more than anything, and if you can read a defense, you can trick your opponent. That being, said, I feel a lot less in control of my defensive skills online, so I have spent the majority of my coins building up my secondary in hopes of stopping a good passing attack. So when you earn you coins, spend them intelligently.

Grind Out Those Solo Challenges

I know...it sucks. It's boring and time-consuming, but solos are your bread and butter for earning coins. For each program, (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) you can earn around 20,000 coins just for participating. But, just doing the solos is only step one...

Sell Solo Challenge Rewards Immediately

Lots of people get swept up in the freshness of the program and try to hang onto solo rewards in hope of building a set and getting an awesome player. It's largely a fruitless effort, and you'll spend way more trying to build the set than you will if you just wait a month and buy the player himself on the auction block. So when you get a gold card, or a collectible, do yourself a favor and unload it before it's worthless. On most programs when I do that, I earn around 100,000 coins in addition to the 20,000 I receive from simply participating. It's just a smarter move.

Sell Fucking Everything Until Around December

I know it's hard, especially when you can actually afford some player that you want, but it is a much better move. Buy one guy who you really like, and just try to have fun having him surrounded by a team of junk players. At the start of Madden, cards (players) which are virtually worthless by January are going for ridiculous prices, and if you are willing to sell off anything of worth early, you'll be sitting on a fortune by the time actual decent cards come out.

Careful What You Do (And Don't) Quicksell

You have to option of quickselling almost every card on Madden. Sometimes it can really add up, but more often than not, you wind up ditching a card which you could have gotten more for. If you are willing to put in the time, and sell cards for as little as 600 coins on the auction block, that money quickly adds up. That being said, I figuring out something pretty awesome this year. You receive badges for competing online in Madden 17, and you can then use those badges to purchase packs, etc. Each badge has a quicksell value of 1500 coins, which is quite a lot (most cards average maybe 200 coins. At first, I was using 5 Competitive Badges at a time to pick up Pro Packs (packs with low percentage of pulling good players) and was largely coming up with bullshit. Then, I started to hoard them, and when I really needed a player, I would quicksell them all and buy the guy I wanted. For example, right now I have about 36 Competitive Badges. If I was to quicksell all of them, that would net me 54,000 coins. That's a pretty decent pile of money, and could get you just enough to grab the guy you want.

Sniping Cards

I mentioned earlier that you should sell all the solo reward cards you receive immediately to make money quickly. Once all of those cards are sold, you can go into the auction block and start trying to pick them up on the cheap to sell again. Let's say that the solo reward you sold on the auction block went for 5,000 coins. If you go back into the auction block and search, you can find people who are selling that same card for 1,000 or 2,000 coins for some reason. Buy those cards (if you can get them before other buyers do) and turn around and sell them for more (based on what the lowest one available on the auction block is). It's boring and repetitive, but it's an easy way to make more coins which most people do not take advantage of.

That's pretty much all I can think of for now. That $30 I spent on Madden 17 was spent way back in December or so, and I haven't had to spend another cent since. The game has been a lot of fun, and while sometimes the temptation to make coins more easily by spending real money may nag at you, ignore it and think of all the other cool shit you can do with that money (like buy groceries and keep your electricity on). If you can think of any other methods which I missed, please feel free to write in. But do please take the time to comment and share!


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