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Top 5 Shows Netflix Needs To Revive

Top 5 Shows Netflix Needs To Revive

Ahhh, the glory of Netflix. I cannot say enough about how much I love having Netflix both on demand and through my Kindle Fire Stick in my bedroom. Honestly, if it wasn't for sports, I would say goodbye to cable and enjoy the countless hours of content that I can find through the program at literally the push of a button. In recent years, Netflix has abandoned its original model of offering old movies and TV shows (which was still awesome) and has started releasing original programming. Then, that model transitioned into reviving shows which had been cancelled or went off the air, as they tried to capitalize on how nostalgic our generation is. Bringing back much loved shows such as Gilmore Girls and Full House has done wonders for the company, and there looks to be no end in sight for exciting entertainment opportunities. That being the case, I sat down and started thinking about other shows I would like to see make a return to the small screen via the magic of Netflix, and have assembled a list of my top 5 below.

That 70's Show

that 70s show.jpg

I know, I know...when the series ended, it was just as the ball was dropping on New Years Eve to ring in the 1980's. While there would certainly have to be some adjustments made in order for this one to work out, there is no doubt that this would be an immediate success for Netflix. What kind of adjustments you ask? How about a title change to That 90's Show? Think about it a second: The show originally debuted in 1998, and next year will be 2018...twenty years have gone by, and the actors have aged appropriately. Why not skim over the 80's entirely and focus on what life is like for the Point Place gang as 1990's adults? The pop culture reference opportunities alone would be enough to draw me in.

One Tree Hill


Threw this one in here for my wife. While I am not a fan of the show on a personal level, my wife is positively obsessed with it, and I have no doubt that there are countless droves of fans who feel exactly the same way. Say what you will about their soap opera-like plots and never-ending supply of perfect-looking people (seriously, how many model-level people live in fucking North Carolina?) there is no denying how popular this show was. Seriously, it lasted 9 seasons, and lots of people were utterly devastated when it came to an end. Also, the cast and crew apparently have a yearly reunion, so you know it wouldn't be hard to convince all these close friends to give it another go.



I can't even begin to describe how much I would love this. The most popular show of the 90's would be an incredibly welcome addition to the Netflix library, and it would almost certainly increase membership, as people who don't yet have Netflix scamper toward the opportunity to see their favorite characters together again. While the cast is starting to get up there in age, and Jerry probably wouldn't be into a major commitment without major money, there is a simple solution here: When Netflix brought back Gilmore Girls, they simply made it a four episode season, providing longer episodes and less of a commitment for the actors involved. While it might not be as fun as getting a 25 episode season of what is probably the greatest TV show of all time, it would definitely fill the void in our lives nicely.

The Office

the office.jpg

Why the hell has this one not happened yet? Probably the most popular show of our generation went out with a fizzle instead of a bang, and I can't think of a good reason why it shouldn't be brought back for just one more season. With the increased popularity of many of the starring actors, it could get a little expensive, but the attention and money it would generate would be well worth the investment. Also, if it was firm that the show would run only one season and then the actors could get back to their other projects, it could be a huge win and a major success for all parties involved, especially the viewing audience



The other most popular show of the 90's would really put Netflix over the top. Personally, I didn't try watching the show until about 2014, but after one episode, I completely understood what all the commotion was about. The chemistry the stars of the show had together was absolutely electric, and I'm sure that spark is still alive. This one could have the potential to run another 10 seasons, and I don't picture many fans finding even that amount of time spent with the old gang to be nearly enough.

Do you agree with my choices? Have any TV shows you would like to see revived on Netflix (or in general)? Write in, comment, like, share, and enjoy! 

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