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Le'Veon Bell's "Explosion Play" Quote & My Jets Are 0-2

Le'Veon Bell's "Explosion Play" Quote & My Jets Are 0-2


Bell "Almost" Makes A Big Play

Via Ray Fittipado of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

[Le'Veon] Bell feels like he’s close to breaking out.

“It’ll come,” Bell said. “I’m due for an explosion play. It hasn’t happened yet. I almost had like three today. I almost made one on a screen, a run. They made the play. We’re two games in. We’ll watch the film and get ready for next week.”

Listen, I respect the casual flippancy and self-confidence to downplay such a post-game presser question, but to say you had almost three explosion plays in that game is like saying Aaron Judge "almost" hit the ball with the bat when he strikes out - he still didn't hit it. Vinny Testaverde "almost" went to a Super Bowl if it wasn't for John Elway and the 1998 Denver Broncos - I tried to make that point to Bill Burr and rightfully got shit for it (starts at the 56:45 mark). I "almost" made that layup if depth perception and coordination didn't get in my way. That being said, Bell should break out and he should be fine, but hey, in the game of football, you just don't know. It's a game of "almosts".


J-E-T-S! 0! AND! 2!

No surprise here the Jets lost to the Raiders on their home field baseball diamond and no surprise that it was in complete ass beating fashion, but I was surprised that the offense actually looked okay. Like, kinda passable for a horrible professional sports team okay. Joshua Treadwell McNown came across as a starter who could throw a football and who was willing to face certain death by running his late-30 something pistons for yardage. And newcomer, Jermaine Kearse, played at a level where he was getting his sea legs familiar with playing for a poorly run football organization. The ridiculous punt muff is really what put us back into place, but some of that defensive coverage we had was just of flag football proportions, both from a running and passing standpoint. How do you let a man, a second-string man nonetheless, run 50 something yards on a draw play?

Or how does a defensive back of professional football allow coverage like this to take place?

I'll tell you, people. You are the New York Jets of 2017, that's how. Muffed fair catches and little to no coverage is what this organization is all about. I can't wait to see more.

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