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Introducing Statement Songs For The Weekend

Introducing Statement Songs For The Weekend

Everybody likes music, right? We here at The Keystone Statement sure are fans, and we bet a lot of the Keystoners here are too (if you don't you have "Crazy" Joe Davola vibes permeating from your pores so stay the hell clear). So starting now, each and every weekend, our KS staff members will pick three songs that they've been listening to and we'll post them here with YouTube clips to enjoy. We'll also be sure to add them to a playlist on Spotify if you're a mover and a shaker. For the first week we'll only have three of us pick because I literally sent out this text to two others a few hours ago: Brother Marcus & Shem The Pen - so let's get rocking.

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My Picks

"Casual Party" by Band Of Horses - Why Are You OK

Summer's unofficially wrapped up after Labor Day, but this tasty lick can let you hold onto that ideal if you're still feeling Beach Boys-ish and Ben Bridwell sure sounds like a long lost Wilson brother.

"Down In The Bottom" by Walter Becker - 11 Tracks Of Whack

Bittersweet one to post since this half of Steely is gone, but Becker knew his way around a guitar whether it was with Donald Fagen or just on his own. 1994's 11 Tracks Of Whack was his first venture and this opening track (which deals with his previous drug addiction) starts it off right. R.I.P. to one of the greats.

"Middle Brother" by Middle Brother - Middle Brother

If you've listened to The Keystone Cast the past couple of weeks you know I've been chatting these fellers up. This was supergroup collaboration between John J. McCauley III of Deer Tick, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, and Matt Vasquez of Delta Spirit. The most catchiest tune on their self-titled album is the self-titled one, but the whole thing is pretty solid.

Marcus's Picks

"Harvest Moon" by Neil Young - Harvest Moon

Young has a voice that can sometimes grate on me, but for this particular tune, there is no better singer. Harvest Moon is a like listening to a beautiful dream sequence.

"The Outfield" by The Night Game - Single

This song was introduced to me by Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, and after hearing it once, I was hooked. It has a fun, upbeat pop sound and a hook which grabs the listener immediately.

"Life On Mars" by Seu Jorge - Life Aquatic Studio Sessions

What could possibly be better than David Bowie singing one of his classic tunes? How about Portuguese singer/songwriter doing an unbelievable acoustic cover of one of those tunes? I first discovered this cover when it was first released in The Life Aquatic, and have found myself listening to regularly it ever since.

Shem The Pen's Picks

"A Reminder" by Radiohead - Paranoid Android Single (B-Side)

A reminder that Radiohead used to be good. Whoa, Radiohead I'm just busting your balls here. Take it easy guys, just a joke.

"Listerine" by Kristin Hersh - Sunny Border Blue

This is about being a drunk and doing horrible stuff and alienating your friends and so on. I can relate.

"(There's Gonna Be A) Showdown" by New York Dolls - Too Much Too Soon

This sounds like a bunch of junkies who loved the Rolling Stones got together to produce a Broadway musical in 1973. This song operates under the premise that all streetfights/world wars can be solved with a dance-off. 

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