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Statement Songs For The Weekend

Statement Songs For The Weekend

We got twelve more tracks for ya. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the final weekend of summer (gasp) a little bit more because of it. I may be starting a Biggie/Tupac feud with Shem because of one of my picks.

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My Picks

"The Way You Used To Do" by Queens Of The Stone Age - Villains

This second track on the QOFSA's newest album, Villains, jazzes you up to get shit done, there's no other way to put it (well, yeah there probably is). This whole album gets a letter "A" grade from me and sets your mood up perfectly for the Halloween season. Get yo' costumes ready.

"Early In The Morning" by Peter, Paul & Mary - The Very Best Of Peter, Paul & Mary

I gotta thank Mad Men and one of my all time favorite endings to a television episode for this one. Never did I know that Peter, Paul & Mary could hammer out the upbeatness (not a word, but who cares), and this one definitely does it.

"Shiny Happy People" by R.E.M. - Out Of Time

Couple reasons I chose this tune: reason #1) to piss off Shem The Pen, and reason #2) it's really one of the songs that did an absolute 180 from me hating it to me loving it. It's so annoyingly upbeat, but also so tongue in cheek sarcastic that I can't help but love it. Plus, it's such a contrasting compliment to the rest of Michael Stipe's "gahhhh, I feel emotions" songs (in which I also like). This one's for you, Shem.

Marcus's Picks

"Oxford Comma" by Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

This is a tune a heard in college years ago and it always stuck with me. One of those songs that's tough to get out of your head, but that's not a bad thing in this case.

"Helplessly Hoping" by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - So Far

Probably my favorite song by this group. The harmonies are, as always, on point, and the melody is downright beautiful

"Moshi Moshi" by Brand New - Single

A song which never made it to any of their albums, this is one tune which has gained a lot of popularity among the Brand New fan base. I was fortunate enough to see Jesse Lacey perform it live acoustically.

Shem The Pen's Picks

"One More Hour" by Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out

Sounds like riot grrrl Go-Gos. Except the Go-Gos were already riot grrrls though, middle fingers to the patriarchy from their waterskis.

"Trailer Trash" by Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West

Droning riffs, arpeggios, and an indie-tribal drumbeat. Lyrics evoking the existential dread of teenage wasteland. Great song from their best album.

"Bobby Heenan" by Westside Gunn & Conway - Single

New heat from the brothers from Buffalo, dedicated to the passing of The Brain. Conway's upcoming debut will be the rap album of the year - if you don't know now you know.

Zack's Picks

"Photosynthesis" by Frank Turner - Last Minutes & Lost Evenings

I just saw him open for Jason Isbell at Red Rocks. I wish he was the headliner. Needless to say I am now a fan.

"The Soundmaker" by Rodrigo y Gabriela - 9 Dead Alive

I will be seeing them in concert at the Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall. Really looking forward to it. This song gets me amped.

"Au Revoir (Adios)" by The Front Bottoms - Talon Of The Hawk

They are indie, they are rock, they're pop, they're punk. Whatever the genres they are good, and I think they are coming out with a new album next month. Check them out. 

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