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November Statement Songs For The Weekend: Steely Dan, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan & Rodrigo y Gabriela

November Statement Songs For The Weekend: Steely Dan, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan & Rodrigo y Gabriela

Well, we missed last week. What are you gonna do? Sulk to silence? It's fine, listen, here's 15 new tunes for you. That's right, 15. You know why? Because Zack is the only one to do his due diligence last week so he's got six tunes total for you. For once he does something right. Also that's Marcus' & I's old cat Luigi in the photo (more on that below).

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My Picks

"Dirty Work" by Steely Dan - Can't Buy A Thrill

Fagen & Becker were so versatile and "Dirty Work" shows their ability to engage the sentimental vibes if you ask me. Sure, it's about an affair, but this song gives me the emotions. I'll admit I'm not the most insightful person when it comes to breaking down music (see Shem The Pen for that kinda stuff). 

"Root Of All Evil (Aleister Black)" by Incendiary - Single

I'm a huge sucker for a good wrestling theme, and in today's sterilized, very corporate WWE, those are very hard to come by. Luckily, NXT has a real gem with Aleister Black.


I can't do that shit. Can you? Guy's got a cool theme and will kick your head off man. Seriously, this move is straight out of a Mortal Kombat game.


Flawless victory. Put this on if you have to deadlift three hundred pounds or have the urge to scream into a pillow. Check him out tonight on NXT Takeover.

"Testaverde" by Möbius Strip - A Knee To The Back

You know I couldn't leave "Statement Songs" without giving cred to my man Vinny, right? It's been Testaverde Week (only to my amusement probably) here at The Keystone Statement and this song dedicated to him is actually a banger. Thanks for humoring me and my man-crush this week, everyone.

Marcus's Picks

"Street Fighting Man" by The Rolling Stones - Beggar's Banquet

Song always makes me think of my cat Louie who would routinely break out of our house and go fight every cat in our neighborhood. One time he came home covered in blood and we were all too freaked out to ask any questions.

Luigi DeAngelo: Street Fighting Cat

Luigi DeAngelo: Street Fighting Cat

"Trouble" by Cat Stevens - Mona Bone Jakon

(Speaking of cats) "Trouble" was written by Cat after a battle with TB that almost took his life, the song is beautiful and is mimicked often today. Elliott Smith had a really nice cover of it.

"Walking On The Moon" by The Police - Reggatta de Blanc

Really dig this song. Always reminds me of playing Goldeneye on N64, so that should give you a clear idea as to around what year I starting listening to The Police.


Shem The Pen's Picks

Shem's going with a coffee theme this week.

"Caffeine" by Faith No More - Angel Dust

FNM original singer Chuck Mosley passed away this week but he was terrible. Mike Patton always was the true genius of the band. This song is from their masterpiece Angel Dust (and I once got yelled at by an old lady teacher in high school for wearing this album's t shirt - she thought I was a fan of the drug [which I was too])

"Black Coffee" by Black Flag - Live '84

This song is my personal national anthem, I stand up and put my hand on my heart when I hear it.

"One More Cup Of Coffee" by Bob Dylan - Desire

Nobel Prize winning poet writes a song about construction workers on lunch break. And he makes that one more cup of coffee sound like the most important thing in the universe. Which it is.

Zack's Picks

His picks from last week...

"Papa Dukie And The Mud People" by The Subdudes - Behind The Levee

"DOWNTOWN" by The Sheepdogs - Future Nostalgia

"Jack the Whistle and the Hammer" by Cris Jacobs - Dust to Gold

...and his songs for this week:

Holy hell, where did the week go? Time sure is flying. I didn’t have much of a curated playlist this week. A lot of random stuff in Spotify. I did see Rodrigo y Gabriela this week, they were fantastic. So let’s start there:

"The Soundmaker" by Rodrigo y Gabriela - 9 Dead Alive

This song will get you totally jacked! Rod and Gab are two metal heads that play classical guitars.

"Bra" by Cymande - Cymande

Randomly played on my Spotify radio, great tune.

"4th Chamber" by El Michels Affair - Return To The 37th Chamber

No idea what this is about, just need sounds to hammer through work and this album (return to the 37th chamber) seemed to do it. 

Testaverde Week: Bill Burr Talks About Vinny (& Goodfellas)

Testaverde Week: Bill Burr Talks About Vinny (& Goodfellas)

Testaverde Week: Meet Vincent Testaverde Jr.

Testaverde Week: Meet Vincent Testaverde Jr.