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Live Game Notes: Penguins vs. Stars

Live Game Notes: Penguins vs. Stars

Photos and GIFs Courtesy of Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter & Google Accounts.


  • Malkin has gotten LIT UP this period.
  • Sid dropping a few F-Bombs to the linesman. I deem it appropriate.
  • Errey notes that the Stars didn't get back in town until 3:30 am this morning. Kinda sounds like my college nights of heavy vodka drinking with NHL 09, and philosophical pillow talks.
  • It's 2018 and Jason Spezza still exists. This reminds me that it's National Pizza Day.
  • Chocolate milk break in between penalty/TV timeout.
  • Sheehan five hole was quite smooth. (1-0)
  • Couldn't get a better Hagelin from Rick Harrison himself (2-0 Penguinos after a Pawn Stars joke)


  • Errey trashes the Stars decision to clear the puck out.
  • "5 on 5 With Ryan Reaves" just seems like an unnatural phrase to say
  • Leave it to Tyler Seguin to make it (2-1)


  • Stars are trying to rile up Kessel. Don't rile up Kessel.
  • IC Light has made Back To Back cans? First the Team USA LaBatt Blue cans, then D-Wade's killer Heat jersey, now this? The cool packaging siren calls yet again.
  • Crosby weathered that hit like he was Brock Lesnar.


  • Dumo got "stick on puck" real good.
  • Reaves wanted a piece of 21 and 21 was not going to reciprocate.
  • Dan Potash may be trying very hard to look like a 2007 Scott Van Pelt.


  • That degenerate and former Senator with the Fraggle Rock name, Marc Methot, is "metnot" on the ice tonight for Dallas.
  • Using "frame" when referring to a hockey period is great.
  • End of period. Gonna take this intermission to see if I'm older than Steve Mears.


  • Steve Mears is 38. Thank God. A vibrant 38 nonetheless. Good for him. Anyone partnered with Bob Errey finds the fountain of youth.
  • I want to slap that bearded Stars fan shushing everybody. Klingburg ties it up as Billy Bob from Varsity Blues mockingly quiets the Pens fans. (2-2)
  • Solid props to the Stars' audio crew for playing The Clash
  • Having a stick would've helped that goal to not go in. (2-3) 
  • Errey with a witty call back to the second period when he & Mears talked about Maata's pops playing Finnish baseball, which is actually a real thing. EDUCATION TIME:


  • 19 blocked shots by Dallas seems like a lot
  • 37 hits by Dallas also seem like a lot. Malkin probably accounts for 14 of those.
  • Damn it, Lehtonen. Damn it.
  • Murray's last two minutes of regulation was like a Benny Hill skit amped up on the booger sugar
  • Schultz goes from potentially compounded fracturing his left knee accordion style to tying up this hockey game (3-3), peeps.


  • Murray shut quite a bit down within these five minutes
  • Jamie Benn, whose name I've been punning the hell out of tonight in a group text, almost closed this puppy out out
  • End of overtime. Shootout time. Bang! Bang!


  • No for Radulov.
  • No for Malkin.
  • Yes for Seguin.
  • No for Sid.
  • No for Spezza (despite his National Spezza Day).
  • No for Phil.
  • Sadness (and one point) for Penguins fans.


My Three Stars

3. Jamie Benn, because I mocked him for not doing anything but he actually had three assists. Plus, the puns.

2. Steve Mears, for being a youthful 38.

1. Matt Murray. It was "Dads Trip" for the Penguins which I'm sure was extremely difficult for Matt, but he decided to channel that into spending time with a terminally ill young fan. Very much deserves it tonight.

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