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Live Game Notes: Penguins vs. Maple Leafs (2/17/18)

Live Game Notes: Penguins vs. Maple Leafs (2/17/18)

These notes were written while watching the Penguins game. Please, again, note that they are just notes and attempts to be witty and engaging. Look at it as a glorified Twitter feed. If you're coming here for breakdowns of goals, player strategy or anythings of the advanced hockey knowledge, you may see yourself out, or continue to read these notes.


  • Hagelin (& Errey) sure loved that pass by Malkin. (1-0)
  • Also, Hags is pretty on fire right now.
  • Ian Cole's beard size just was a friendly reminder that I work at Whole Foods. (Lotta beards at the Whole Foods)
  • Not having a stick causes problems for Olli. Bad, Bad, Conor Brown (1-1)
  • Hearing Hainesy's name again is bittersweet.
  • I'd really like a LaBatt Blue "Back to Back" can (unopened preferably)
  • That was a wide open rebound goal, but a tough adjustment goal by Bozak (1-2)
  • That puck pinballed around before Malkin hit that point 900 & leading the team with 68 this season. I'm telling ya, 66 & 68 are great numbers. (2-2)
  • Wow, Matthews is sure missing the mark. That open spot was looking at him right between the peepers.
  • The end of this first period means the beginning of popcorn for me.


  • Confirmed for me: William Nylander is not Michael
  • "Can I kick it?" - Sidney Crosby
  •  (Unfortunately he couldn't.)
  • Penalty Killed. (Scorpion = Pens, Raiden = Power Play)
  • "Steve" Austin Matthews is getting looked at on the bench. His ankle got Stone Cold Stunnered.
  • Pens have a healthy amount more of SOG
  • Letang had good wood on that one-timer.
  • Dumo with that high stick save! "Held it up like a flagpole" - Bob Errey (I love you, Bob)…
  • Fear the mighty ZAR (3-3)
  • A fine one-timer by Sid there.


  • Maatta slaps a screamer to put the Penguinos up (4-3)

  • Hyman had a real nasty collision with Maatta. Scary stuff. Olli showed him love after that.
  • A great deal of this period was interrupted by me trying to make a Phil Kessel/Game of Thrones image. Here it is (maybe worth the 15 minutes?): 
  • Rusty gives Anderson tetanus with that one on the insurance goal. (5-3)
  • The motto is definitely "skate to stick" tonight.
  • Pretty positive I made JVR a milkshake when we both played in Philly. ("played" for me means "worked in a vintage ice cream shop")
  • 11 straight home Ws for the Penguins of Pittsburgh.
  • "A Stalwart on the defense" - Errey, when referring to Letang tonight

FINAL SCORE: 5-3, your Pittsburgh Penguins hockey club

My Three Stars

3. Brian Dumoloin's Stick. The flagpole style of that stick saved the Pens a goal. A strong stick. A good stick.

2. Kris Letang. With Schultz's out, Letang felt the defensive powers overtake him and he stepped up to the challenge in a prime Letang way

1. Evgeni Malkin. 900 career points. Probably that's all I need to say, but yeah, Geno's on fire.

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