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Live Game Notes: Devils vs. Penguins "Yo-Yo's & Chippin' Bodies"

Live Game Notes: Devils vs. Penguins "Yo-Yo's & Chippin' Bodies"

Main Photo: Dana Heinzs

These notes were written while watching tonight's Penguins game. Please, again, note that they are just notes and attempts to be witty and engaging. Look at it as a glorified Twitter feed. If you're coming here for breakdowns of goals, player strategy or anythings of the advanced hockey knowledge, you may cringe at the forthcoming. Enjoy!

Ohhh Happy Derick Brassard day, everyone. Let's all enjoy the game together and agree that the Devils are one of the step-children of the NHL, but they still somehow got Grabner.


  • SBK line: is either a mash-up of Shawn Michaels' name & his nickname ("Shawn Break Kid") or you have to pick another muscle or organ in the body ("Spleen Break Kid")
  • Errey talks of watching a video of Brassard jumping out of a pool onto his feet. I need to see this.

Dear goodness.

  • Goal by Crosby that gets looked at for goalie interference but the only thing interfering with that was Crosby's talent. (1-0)
  • New Jersey's Kyle Palmieri goal. Palmieri's a Jersey native so you know the Bada-Bing's gonna have a discount on lap dances and wings tonight.
"Try the garlic butter - it's bewtiful."

"Try the garlic butter - it's bewtiful."

  • Malkin really peppering Kinkaid with shot attempts. Errey says the puck is coming to Geno back like a "yo-yo" and Mears says "magnet". Errey throws complimentary shade at Mears by saying "he is too young for yo-yos".
  • A point for Taylor Hall in the past 22. Holy smokes.
  • 4-on-4 hockey. No goals for Jersey on any of these yet this season.
  • Double K had a real nice save on Malkin that caused someone on the ice to drop a doozy of an F bomb.
  • Lovejoy with a little hooking. Bet that's a "not-so-subtle" code word on the corners of downtown Newark.
  • Intermission is consisting of doing dishes and listening to Christopher Cross. Ride like the Wind.


  • I don't really need to make note of this, but Kühnhackl is a great name.
  • Brassard had a swift assist attempt that would have been something for a first point with the Pens if it found it's recipient. Behold!:
  • Taylor Hall had the open shot after the puck went to the post initially (2-1)
  • Coach for Devils could also fall in the category of "hockey coaches that look  like Bond villians". Both him and Guy Boucher could be apart of Dr. Evil's axis of evil.
  • Major hold on Hunwick. Errey says he was hogtied. Makes me think of Read Dead Redemption. Can't wait for June. (Dang it, just looked, not released until October 26)
  • Swell opportunity for Grabner that could have been bad if he got his stick in front of him.
  • Devils are getting a lot of offense going.
  • That goal taken away from Hornqvist on Sat was some bullshitz.
  • 15 points in last 14 games by Rusty. Noice.
  • I wonder if Todd Haley will make a special trip back to Tequila Cowboy for "Friday Night Rocks".
  • Crosby lays in a hit on the boards as Hunwick (?!) gets the redirect goal. "Chippin' bodies" by Sid leads to goals! (2-2)
  • Errey has the line of the night that watching old Devils' hockey was like "watching PPG Paints dry."
  • It's unbelievable how Sid can create opportunities the way he does, and Kinkaid's been locking it down pretty well.
  • Tied on up after two, 2-2. Say that out loud if you feel like saying two three times in vocal irony. Okay, you don't have to tell me - more Christopher Cross.


  •  My stream of the game locked up so I got a notification that the Devils scored, totally unaware of the action. Not cool, stream. (2-3)
  • During a commercial break, Facebook asked if I could take a "short survey". It involved this question:
  • Devils get away with a major delay of game with 2:30 left. Didn't have the right set of skaters on the ice but Bond  villain #2 gets away with one.
  • Pens are really patient with those six men on the ice. 
  • Schultz snags that puck out of the air to prevent any open netters and Brassard gets it to the Jersey net which would have been a real memory for his first game as a Penguinos. 
  • 36 saves for Keith Kinkaid as NJ ends the Pens' home streak

FINAL: 2-3 Devils (the step-children)

My Three Stars

3. Yo-Yos. Let's hear it for them. They fell to the wayside somewhere in between Furbys and Giga Pets, but Bob Errey likes them and Steve Mears should use them more in his analogies.

2. Keith Kinkaid. 36 saves against a fiery Malkin & Crosby is impressive under any circumstances.

1. Taylor Hall. Two points tonight and his streak continues at 22.  

The Devils may be step-children, but tonight they managed to push their way into the middle of the family photo. Quite fast. Quite offensive, but hey, until next time...

Let's Go Pens

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