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Live Game Notes: Penguins vs. Flyers "I Don't Like You Very Much Either"

Live Game Notes: Penguins vs. Flyers "I Don't Like You Very Much Either"

Photo: Penguins Twitter

These notes were written while watching tonight's Penguins game. Please, again, note that they are just notes and attempts to be witty and engaging. Look at it as a glorified Twitter feed. If you're coming here for breakdowns of goals, player strategy or anythings of the advanced hockey knowledge, you may cringe at the forthcoming. Enjoy!

Ah, yes - my favorite rivalry in sports: Pens vs. Flyers. I can't think of a better way to spend an evening than enjoying a Keystone State throw down, with hopefully a Flyers loss to send the good guys home happy. No AT&T broadcast tonight so we'll have to hear the NBC Sporters man the ship. It bums me out we won't hear Errey trash the Flyers, but we can all imagine what he'd comment on.



  • Grand to see Eddie O back on my screen.
  • Mychal Kendricks is talking to Pierre about the Eagles signing Michael Bennett today. Why? This is like asking Garth Brooks his thoughts on Kesha. This makes little sense. Kendricks wants to see a fight. I'm for that too.
  • Petr Mzarek in net for the Flyers. Jarry is chillin' in between posts for the Pens.
  • The nickname Wayne "No Soul" Simmonds is in homage to the following (enjoy you some David Alan Grier):
  • Giroux looks like a weaker willed Chuck Norris.
  • Oooo Rust got walloped. Hagg feels shame in the box because of it. Rust heads to the locker room for that concussion protocol. Shouldn't have been a penalty if we're being forthright.
  • Phil slips (and trips) his way to shame and now it's 4-on-4 hockey.
  • Pens rank 13th in the PK. They got 40 seconds of it.
  • Why in the blue hell are they still talking to Kendricks? I'm not against it, it's just weird man.
  • Food folks and fun as MacDonald feels shame. Pens on PP.
  • Schultz feels shame for high-sticking against Raffl ticket.
  • Do the Flyers grow beards in the regular season to make the proper adjustments of not making it far in the playoffs / Stanley Cup Finals?
  • Sean Couturier looks like he should be hanging in the boonies with Dewey Crowe on Justified.
  • I'm warming up to Mychael Kendricks commentary. It adds an element. I have no beef with the Eagles. The Flyers can eff off though, obviously.
  • Kendricks, talking about when he just met Simmonds: "Dude has no teeth." LOL.
  • How many infractions are we gonna get? High stick on Flyers. Feel shame. Pens PP.
  • Malkin to Kessel makes it wide open for Phil. Pens draw blood first (1-0).
  • The Malkin-Kessel pairing should be called "Mortal Kombat".
  • End of the first. Enjoy the Mortal Kombat theme ("your soul is mine!")


  • During the intermission. Kendricks tells Mike Milbury he "doesn't like him very much either."
  • Flyers are just top-notch at hitting the puck of the posts. Close, but always not close enough #1975
  • Nolan Patrick looks to score for the Flyers, that baby-faced bastard. (1-1)
  • Even after living in Philly for five years, I've never seen the skyline look like that.
  • Petr Mrazek looks like Pete Campbell from Mad Men.
  • Horny & Manning are pushing each other. Just keep shovin'.
  • Konecy connects the puck into the top of the net. Pierre calls Jarry's defense "casual" (1-2)
  • I'm at MixTape in Pittsburgh right now (I know, a blogger about town while people are socializing around him is as nerdy as it gets - I'm drinking PBR too) and they were playing "Roll Out" by Ludacris. I love this place.
  • Oleksiak, Guentzel & Sid all get mixed up in a clusterfuck of a goal. Jake's stick gets a piece of it as they're looking for goalie interference (which there is none). (2-2)
  • Sheary ends his scoreless streak with a heads up goal (with the help from Crosby) (3-2)
  • We've got the Barenaked Ladies playing at MixTape right now:
  • Sheary A-GAIN! A fadeaway goal nonetheless. Crosby gets point 1,100 to boot!. (4-2)
  • End of 2. Crosby has three assists like it's another day at the office


  • Walked back home from MixTape in between periods. Really cold out. I stopped in a convience store just called "Food Store" and paid $4.50 for a box of Krave cereal. Happy Cereal Day, everybody.
  • Finally back engaged after making popcorn and Malkin is feeling some shame with 9 minutes left on the ticker.
  • Pens have been just stellar at smothering those penalties.
  • Guentzel got chipped in the ankle.
  • Three minutes left and Flyers still haven't pulled Mrazek
  • Still no empty net with almost 2 minutes. Now they pull him. Took long enough.
  • Malkin scores on the empty netter. Goal number 38 for him. (5-2)
  • Third straight game against the Flyers where the Pens have at least five goals against. Just magical.
  • Oooo getting nasty at the end. Oleksiak stirs things up and the Flyers only have that scuffle and the loss to take back to the locker room with them.

FINAL SCORE: 5-2, Your Pittsburgh Penguins hockey club.

My Three Stars

3. Mychael Kendricks. Just telling Milbury flat-out that he doesn't like him either was worthy of a third star nod.

2. Conor Sheary. The drought is over with two goals for the Kid with Sid. Speaking of...

1. Sidney Crosby. 3 assists + Flyers loss = 1,100 points. Hockey math is my favorite kind of math.



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