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The Dude Of The Week Recap (6/11-6/25)

The Dude Of The Week Recap (6/11-6/25)

"The Dude Of The Week" first started on my Facebook page in March 2009, because I didn't know what to do with that text box that they added underneath your profile picture.   Finally, I thought the perfect way to utilize that useless addition would be to present the latest "man crush" that I've developed over the past seven days.  I did it for six years straight, week after week without interruption - until I stopped. Now, with the success of The Keystone Statement, I bring DOTW back from it's Internet depths. So without any more pomp and circumstance, here it is.


6/11/17: Dean Martin

For being over 20 years gone, Dino has been quite the topic of conversation around here at The Keystone Statement, primarily (if not solely) by my own volition. First, I draft him 15th overall in "The Pittsburgh Draft" (Episode 11 for all you dozens of listeners out there), causing much controversy, and now this week he would have been 100 years old on June 7. The man is legend around these parts and should be in all of Americana. Happy bday, pally.


6/18/17: Patric Hornqvist

Was absolutely 100% all set to give the DOTW win to Sid The Kid, but when I Googled "Sidney Crosby Stanley Cup" in search for the appropriate picture, I had Horny's elation punching me in the face, thus causing me pause. How great of a story is this? Sidney was (duh) drafted first overall in 2005, but who was "Mr. Irrelevant" that year, eh? Nope, it wasn't Steve Downie, nor was it Joe Vitale - it was none other this saucy Swede, by none other than those catfish slinging Nashville Predators. So why not score the game-winning goal in the Stanley Cup Finals? Serendipity at it's finest, DOTW at it's finest.


6/25/17: Justin Theroux

So many good shows are having there season finales this past week: Better Call Saul, Fargo and Veep are the top three that come to mind.  The Leftovers wasn't one of them. It actually wrapped up a week before this one, and it just wasn't it's season finale, t'was the series finale. I only acquired HBO GO this week to finish up what has been one of my favorite television series of all time.

This HBO series was executive produced by Damon Lindelof of Lost fame, but The Leftovers had much more polish and made much more sense by sometimes not making sense. It was very biblical in tone with a lot of dark, ominous moments, but it gelled in the comedy quite nicely and surprisingly, quite often. First ever DOTW woman winner, Carrie Coon, starred in the series as Nora Durst, but Justin Theroux does too as the male lead, Kevin Garvey. He actually won a DOTW way back when for the show, but I can't help but give him another nod with this one.

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