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I Had A Weird, Optimistic Dream About Jacoby Brissett & The Jets Last Night

I Had A Weird, Optimistic Dream About Jacoby Brissett & The Jets Last Night

Hey, New York Jets fan, here. Remember us? We went 5-11, had a 38-year old QB have a Pro Bowl caliber year, became a social media meme sensation and played pretty damn impressive until said QB went out with a broken hand?

Overall, I was pretty happy with what the Jets did this season. Their backs were against the wall, and they came out with the fighting spirit akin to a Dusty Rhodes or Daniel Bryan. Injuries and not finishing in the fourth quarter is what did them in more often than not, but they were a scrappy, rag-tag bunch that showed more potential than the expectations that were pressed upon them in the pre-season (those 0-16 expectations, but luckily the Browns got that one covered). Then thanks to Reddit this morning I woke up to see this tasty gem:

I'd love to take this for face value, so therefore I will. I (in my own head), along with the help of fellow Jets Redditors then began slapping scenarios and hope together: Arians retires because coaching a professional football team is a stressful bitch, but he still wants to be active in the game so who does he hang on the fringe with to just wet the football beak? His former assistant, Todd Bowles. Who's known as the quarterback whisperer? Why, Bruce Arians, of course. Heark! What's that? Thinking about this conjured up a dream I had last night: a dream about Indianapolis Colts QB, Jacoby Brissett.


Now this dream is as detailed and accurate as my noggin recalls it, and I do have a pretty sharp memory when it comes to remembering dreams, so here goes:

For some reason, despite not being media-credentialed nor coordinated with my hands or eyes, my 5'3" body of professional athleticism was in the Colts locker room, and like my Jets, their season was over. As I walked to head to the bathroom I crossed paths with Jacoby who was shirtless at the time (a dubious yet precise detail). I took this moment to say to him, "Hey man, I really dig your play. I think you're a great starter and I think it's awesome that Bill Parcells helped mentor you. You've got a great football future."

"Thanks man, I really appreciate that." He was sincere. I patted him on the shoulder as he did mine. A total bro-mance moment. As he left, I shouted this to him like "Mean Joe" did to the Coca-Cola Kid:

"I hope my Jets pick you up next season."


Now, I don't know if he was just trying to stay professional since he was still donning the Indy blue & white, or he was mildly annoyed by my shoe-horning of Jets fandom into the conversation, but he thanked me none the less and went on his way.


So naturally, this Bruce Arians rumor and this Jacoby Brissett dream began melding themselves together. Now I don't watch Dragonball Z, but thanks to my friends I know that there's a thing called "fusing". I think of these two ideas from separate planes a little like that. A fusion.

I 100% love Jacoby's Parcells pedigree (being THE coach of those hot ticket 1998 Jets and all) so seeing things come full-circle like this would be the things that an inspirational sports movies are made of. Plus, the guy has leadership capabilities and when you consider the talent he could work with on this young, scrappy Jets squad, then I'm absolutely not against this scenario. His stats with Indy aren't anything particularly noteworthy, but there's nothing damning about them either. And with the Jets picking sixth overall in the draft and not in the top three, scooping up Jacoby just may be a pretty savvy move. I'd take him over Baker Mayfield, but that's just me.

That being said too, I love Treadwell McCown. What he's done with this team is given them stability and optimism, so I'd love it if they retained his talents for another year too.

Either way it's going to be a fascinating off-season for the green and white.

Oh yes, what dreams may come?

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