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Live Game Notes: Flames vs. Penguins "Getting The Heat Out Of A Hot Kitchen"

Live Game Notes: Flames vs. Penguins "Getting The Heat Out Of A Hot Kitchen"

Photo: Penguins Twitter

These notes were written while watching tonight's Penguins game. Please, again, note that they are just notes and attempts to be witty and engaging. Look at it as a glorified Twitter feed. If you're coming here for breakdowns of goals, player strategy or anythings of the advanced hockey knowledge, you may cringe at the forthcoming. Enjoy!

So what a nipple twister of a game we had against the Isles Saturday and here the Pens are, back at it against a Calgary team that is fighting for their playoffs lives.  Only caveat is they don’t have their starting netminder in Mike Smith. Let’s see if the Penguinos can pull a trick from ol’ Smokey Bear’s sleeve and dump some H2O on those Flames before leaving the campsite (fun fact: Smokey is shirtless so he answers to no sleeves).

  • Johnny Gaudreau according to Errey: "157 - that's what he weighs, that's what he is."
  • Jeff Jimerson's get-up tonight is something else: white turtleneck + quilted zip fleece. Looking like a Christmas Johnny Mathis.


  • John Gillies in the net for Calgary as the Malkin line starts it off.
  • Guentzel had a real nice chance there.
  • Kessel to Chad Rhuwedal for the half-the-distance-of-the-ice score. His second of the season. (1-0)
  • And just like that, Malkin nets his 37th after a real bad mishandle on Gillies. (2-0) 17 points in the last ten games for Geno. The Russian is on fire, folks.
  • Mark Giordano shoots past the right of Jarry for an answer to the Pens run. Letang had a left handed stick after his righty broke. He's not Ned Flanders. Hi-diddly-ho. (2-1)
  • Is the Calgary head coach the son of “That 70's” character, Eric Foreman? 
  • 10 shots for Calgary against the Pens' 4. 
  • Michael Backlund (son of Bob) has one beauty of a maneuver to score. He made it look easy as he had a one-on-one with non-lefty Letang. (2-2)
  • Recchi calls Calgary a desperate team which makes me think of Desperate Housewives which makes me think of Eva Longoria and if she is a hockey fan. She is hitched to Tony Parker and basketball is a very different sport.
  • Olesiak hammers one in, but it's not on the net.
  • Dominik Simon breaks up a goal attempt and I notice he's missing a tooth as he sits on the bench.
  • Errey almost got "harpooned" by a wayward Calgary stick. That's an awful thought, but Errey still chuckles. What a rogue.
  • Gotta be tough for Gillies with all that pressure, the playoffs hanging over his New Hampshire noggin. I hope he folds like an oragami (at least just tonight - I'm not a monster).
  • The "Hockey Is For Everyone" campaign's a pretty cool thing. Further adds to why the sport is in a class by itself.
  • Ruwhetel almost has another goal to add to his tally, but Gillies was well squared up for it.
  • Malkin slashes so Malkin feels shame. Errey considers the infraction call suspect at best, but we've got some 4-on-4.
  • Check that. It's 4-on-3 after Backlund clips Jarry. Errey also considers this suspect.
  • That's the end of the 1st and the beginning of  popcorn for me.


  • I'm starting to watch Raw simultaneously and the fact that Pittsburgh's own Kurt Angle starts the show off, it's a good sign. Uh-oh, he's calling out Triple H!
That's not Triple H.

That's not Triple H.

  • And we're back with (Heinz) 57 ticks left on the Penguino PP
  • Malkin puts a little more fear into Gillies with another drive to the net.
  • That Mike Smith injury did not look fun.
  • Brassard fires one off that doesn't find the net, but sure was purdy.
  • Jarry is coming off as a real solid back-up.
  • Jagr's latest team versus Jagr's first team. Didn't put that together til AT&T made me aware. Let's just go ahead and make the Pens his latest. Feng shui be damned, I say. I want that gray lion's mane back in black & gold.
The Non-Disaster Artist.

The Non-Disaster Artist.

  • Schultz says there are bigger bodies in the west. Dougie Hamilton is there so that makes sense tonight.
  • Rust with a fine clear. A glorious clear.
  • Rust had a great steal which turned into a great shot opp for Sid. That goal would have been sweet.
  • Jankowski feels the shame with GI.
  • Open shot for Guentzel that spread Gillies out, but a stick may have thwarted things.
  • Penalty killed as Gillies has not oragami'd yet,
  • Friday Night Rocks at Howlers in Bloomfield? Well I'm just right down the street. I'll go be a degenerate there, why not. Can't beat $2 PBRs. 
  • Malkin to Letang is a real nice Le-thang. (3-2)
  • Jarry's getting the hell beat out of him tonight and Errey's flabbergasted that goalies didn't wear masks way back when. That was a throat shot Jarry took.
  • Gah. 2.4 seconds left and Brodie dishes it to Brouwer for the tie. Damn, that was solid. (3-3)
  • Can you guess that nothing happened in those 2.4 seconds? End of the 2nd.


  • So watching a Sonic commercial during Raw and they have the one lady from 30 Rock on it and Erin from The Office. Might be an upgrade from those two stalwart doofuses we're used to seeing. Oh, wait. The doofuses are still there (does not spelling the plural version of doofus properly also, in fact, make me a doofus?)
  • Calgary's four points out of the playoffs. Let's kick 'em down to five.
  • Letang almost snuck one in there.
  • Upside-down snow angels is a dangerous position to be in when there's nine bodies around you.
  • Brouwer and Gaudreau had just a swell opportunity right there if Brower just would have shot it.
  • Jarry blocks a sneaky corner shot with that left pad.
  • Don't scuffle with Phil, Stajan. Don't you do it. 
  • Janakowski tries splitting the five-hole on Jarry but Tristan will have none of it.
  • "Getting the heat out of a hot kitchen." I love it, Bob.
  • Malkin feels shame for a second time tonight. Onto the Calgary powerplay.
  • Gillies was just a frog's hair from scoring for the Pens. Frog's hair is a ridiculous term.
  • Geno gets knocked down by Gillies and the PPG paints him with boos. 
  • Oooo Wednesday at Philly, eh?
  • Right now it would be Philly & Pittsburgh if the playoffs started today. They're all bluff and no stuff.
  • Damn, Jarry's gotta start wearing a Jimerson turtleneck with all these close shaves to the throat. A Flame's skate was right there.
  • Crosby pulled out all stops on that scoring attempt.
  • Brassad pulls away a scoring attempt on a swell backcheck.
  • We got overtime, guys and gals.


  • Gaudreau misses just a stupendous opportunity wide. Really not what you want in desperate times.
  • Calgary is 1 for 6 in their last OT opportunities.
  • Kessel to Schultz harpoons this one away for our Penguins. A real smooth transaction from Kessel, to Malkin, back to Kessel and to Mr. Schultz that had a gap wider than his grin.

FINAL SCORE: 4-3, your Pittsburgh Penguins hockey club

My Three Stars

3. Justin Schultz. In no way does he fear the West's bigger bodies. Guy showed up big time.

2. Phil Kessel. Two assists that were both just stellar for everybody's All-American.


1. Evgeni Malkin. His love for the penalty box was on full display, but so was his hatred for losing. Geno won't stop.

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