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Live Game Notes: Islanders vs. Penguins "Turning His Head 360"

Live Game Notes: Islanders vs. Penguins "Turning His Head 360"

Photo: Penguins Twitter

These notes were written while watching tonight's Penguins game. Please, again, note that they are just notes and attempts to be witty and engaging. Look at it as a glorified Twitter feed. If you're coming here for breakdowns of goals, player strategy or anythings of the advanced hockey knowledge, you may cringe at the forthcoming. Enjoy!

So I worked until 5 pm today and therefore, didn't get to cover the first two periods, but I do have a half-assed recap for you: it sounds like the Pens had a lot of shots on goal and Chris Gibson (later called Robert for a dated pro wrestling reference) had many saves against them. Hornqvist was the only one to sneak one past him in the later part of the 2nd period to tie up the score 1-1.

Is that even a half-assed recap? Maybe one-third of an ass? Hm?



  • Islanders get a goal inadvertently by Oleksiak. Kind of a hand pass by Tavares, but nothing that would hold up in court.
  • 44 stops made by one half of the The Rock & Roll Express, Robert Gibson. Pens record for shots in a game this year: 52. Also, the score's (2-1) after Anders Lee scores.
Enough with the wrestling references, Dom.

Enough with the wrestling references, Dom.

  • Anders Lee is the most un-hockey hockey name. Sounds like he sets up an arts & crafts tent at festivals or you'd buy homemade jam from him.
  • Didn't know Eddie O completed his chemotherapy - awesome. Mears says Eddie is always watching the games but Errey makes an addendum saying "unless there's a horse race on". Congrats to Eddie!
  • Errey says Mathew Barzel is like an owl "turning his head 360". Owl Barzel. I tell ya, Errey's inflection really adds to comments like these.
  • Brassard gets tripped up which elicits many boos from the PPG.
  • Yikes - off the post for Beauvillier.
  • Crosby tries connecting with Jake n' Bake but the oven wasn't open.
  • Aaaand Brassard gets his first goal as a Penguino on what was a real beeeeaut! (2-2) 19 goals for #19 this year.
  • The Phil 400 sounds like an old soap box derby "The Little Rascals" would be apart of.
  • And here we go into OT. Brassard starts it off.


  • Malkin fires one that potentially shattered Gibson's entire bone structure.
  • Islanders are on the PP as Pens got too many men on the ice & Sheary feels the shame.
  • Penalty gets murdered. Sheary emerges from the box like a bat outta hell to almost help Sid end it, but it gets thwarted by Gibson.
  • Then Sid ends it. Killer Sid.

FINAL SCORE: 3-2, your Pittsburgh Penguins hockey club

My Three Stars

3. The 3rd Period. If it wasn't for those last twenty minutes of hockey I would have completely missed the game. This work thing always throws a wrench in the...works.

2. Phil Kessel. I hope in honor of his 400 assists, The Phil downs four hot dogs. I'd say I hope downs 400 hot dogs, but that's just ludicrous. Four seems feasible.

1. Derick Brassard. First (I hope) of many for his new team that loves him very much. That goal was very fly.

Sid would get a star nod too, but you know, he's always our star.


Let's Go Pens

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