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Live Game Notes: Penguins vs. Senators (2/13/18)

Live Game Notes: Penguins vs. Senators (2/13/18)

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  • Jeff Jimerson shows a little more confidence for the "National Anthem" than he does "O Canada". Was Dave Coulier Canadian? I know Alanis Morrsete is Canadian who sang about Uncle Joey and Jimerson looks a lot like Coulier, I'm seeing a connection here.
  • Forgot that the Senators coach was a Bond villain.
  • Has Duchene done a whole lot since becoming a Sen? The highlight so far this season was the clip of him getting traded.


  • Dan Potash is voiceless, everyone. Get better, Dan, but have your cat Jake show you how to properly hashtag.
  • 90's night is this Thursday. They better rock the Hootie, Third Eye Blind, some Fastball, some "3 A.M.", some Pearl Jam and Kessel better rocking JNCO jeans with a trucker chain.
  • Bums me out that Dominik Simon is not spelled "Dominic".
  • I wish I could somehow save the audio of Errey saying "Thanks, Dominik." I'd 100% make that my text notification.
  • Heard a "for fuck's sake" on the ice. Very underrated phrase. Good to hear.
  • Robby sounds like he's trying to do his best Dan Potash impersonation. Just do you, Robby. Just do you.
  • Malkin rattles the post just a wee bit.
  • It's February 13 and we're 13 days away from the trade deadline. With all these 13s getting tossed around, Bill Guerin might actually get traded to the Stars.
Watch out, Bill.

Watch out, Bill.

  • Condon's dad being a former quarterback for IUP is pretty fantastic. If Jimmy Stewart was a hockey fan he's surely beaming with pride right now.

  • I love Bob Errey. Just feel like I should say that once a game.

  • Also, Dave Coulier is from Michigan. So close.


  • Brassad, current trade bait, ties it up (1-1).
  • But hoo boy, Guentzel knots it up with a battle goal in front of the net, (2-1).
  • Two goal for Jake & Papa G looks proud.
  • Mike & Sally Guentzel are getting a lot of air time.
  • That goal by Malkin was absolutely badass. He made that look easy. (3-1)
  • Aston-Reese's first career goal with the assist from Sid. From one Zack to another, congrats. (4-1)
  • Condon out - Craig Anderson in.
  • Simon should have shot that one instead of passing to Kessel.
  • Colin White shouldn't have shot that one (4-2)
  • Reese looks like Eric Bana aka: Hector aka: Bruce Banner in bad Hulk movie.


"Keep Nick Nolte's dogs away from me." - Eric Bana, 2003

"Keep Nick Nolte's dogs away from me." - Eric Bana, 2003

  • Very fun second period, you're right Mears.


  • 4 goals on 11 shots for the Pens. Eeeesh, Sens.
  • Phil Kessel hates technology.
  • That was a fine chance for Letang there.
  • Red ties are being worn for Heart Month.
  • Guentzel is really going for that hat trick.
  • Kessel was denied by Anderson on a real nice opportunity. Craig looks to be settling in after that sub.
  • Johnny Oduya is still has one of the greatest hockey names of all time.
  • Yike, Anderson. It's right behind you! (5-2)
  • First penalty by the Pens belongs to Bryan Rust.
  • Duchene makes us feel a little pain (5-3)
  • My degenerate brother calls and he thinks he met Jay Caufield. We also talk about WCW Nitro circa late July 1996 as Hogan preps to fight The Giant at Hog Wild 1996.
  • I tune back in just to see Aston-Reese score the empty netter. Two goals for Dr. Bruce Banner. (6-3)
  • Ian Cole in rapid dog mode goes after Max McCormick after that late infraction on Oleksiak. What a way to end this hockey game, ladies and gentlemen.

FINAL SCORE: 6-3 Your Pittsburgh Penguins

My Three Stars

3. Mike & Sally Guentzel. They got a good amount of screen time tonight and rightfully so, considering their son got two goals and all.

2. Jake Guentzel well you know, for the two goals. He's back to shaking and baking.


1. Zach Aston-Reese. First career goal and an empty netter just for kicks? Crosby had multiple assists and Malkin had that international playboy like score, but their stars almost always shine bright. Dang this hockey squad is rolling!

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