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Pittsburgh's Mark Madden Tries Calling Out Barstool Sports & Loses Horribly

Pittsburgh's Mark Madden Tries Calling Out Barstool Sports & Loses Horribly

Success breeds contempt, and no picture of that is clearer when it comes to Pittsburgh's Mark Madden. The man had his heyday 20 something years ago, but that era of saying something shocking and getting a reaction has long been sniffed out and dragged to the ditch.

Madden is still wallowing in that ditch, thinking he hasn't been caught yet.

When it comes to Pittsburgh sports (or any of his sports takes for that matter) two-thirds of the time Madden says the opposite of what the Pittsburgh fan-base believe, particularly when it comes to baseball and football, and hey, it makes sense when there's something to complain about (Nutting & Huntington unnecessarily dumping Buccos' talent being one of them), but he'll also Tweet and say (I'd imagine, I don't listen to his show very often) such ludicrous claims like:

Not seeing where getting to 11-3 correlates with Harrison being on the squad or not considering he was coasting on the pine, but whatevs. Let's see what else you got:

People can't like who they like, Mark? They're a "****head" if they do? (Oooo, edgy with the ****'s by the way) Seems a bit of reach. I'm not a fan of Harrison myself, but to plop a whole chunk of your potential listeners seems to go a little of the extra mile in trying to corral some more. Trying to get a rise out of the yinzers, are ya? I know what you're up to.


But let's get to your stuff against Barstool and call you out for some hypocrisy, eh? Friday on Twitter, one of the Barstool Sports hockey bloggers, @BarstoolJordie, tweeted this out after there was a dirty hit by a Canadian Junior Hockey player.

And boy, it was dirty. Now for some odd reason Madden decides to jump on him for his "French Canadian" remark.

Over the line for you, Mark? Two countries playing each other in a competitive environment and you take exception to that? Would you have been equally disgusted if a Canadian sports blogger called an American player a "Yankee piece of shit?" during said game? I honestly couldn't imagine, what with you calling your followers "****heads" and Bill Belicheck a "***k" (not sure if this starts with an "F" or a "D" because of your bold self-censorship choices - so professional) something like some in-between North American barb shooting really wouldn't ruffle your feathers. You're just looking to get your name mixed up with anything associated with Barstool because their stock is rising and yours is old hat - just like the look of your own blog, which you apparently haven't updated since you last fired up a 30-Day Free Trial disk of AOL on your Gateway 2000.

Spittin' Chiclets host (which happens to be the #1 hockey podcast in all the hockey land), Rear Admiral, doesn't take lightly to Madden's failed attempt at spelling and soapbox standing:

And it's off to the races we go. Here we see Mark get further roasted and social media MDK'ed.

I'll save you some of the lambasting of our local "not really glorified/irrelevant" shock jock for your own Twitter venturing but a killshot was made with a follower sharing a Tweet that Madden made back in 2011.


#AmateurHour? I reckon. Plus the blatant disregard to spell out "you're" shows his true journalistic integrity and respect for the craft. Maybe that's why he's job searching currently.

How he gets a wi-fi connection from that ditch he got dragged to beats me, but he still manages to make a mockery of himself.

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