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In Honor Of 1990's Theme Night, We Pair The Pittsburgh Penguins With Their Own 90's Tune

In Honor Of 1990's Theme Night, We Pair The Pittsburgh Penguins With Their Own 90's Tune

Big 1990's time on the blog. We have "The Top 50 Wrestlers of The 1990s" on fire and now the Pittsburgh Penguins have followed suit with their 1990's Theme Night in Pittsburgh tonight as they take on the Los Angles Kings. When the Pens did 1980's Theme Night a few weeks back I compared the team to television show characters of that decade so I how could I mix it up? 90's music. "Chicken Soup For The De La Soul", if you will.

So what song is most appropriate for each player? With all the fine jams of that time, it's hard to cover every artist and hit tune of the time, but that won't stop me from trying. There's a few strands floating around in the ol' Duder's head here and I've picked some tasty licks for you all to enjoy.

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1. Sidney Crosby - "Nothing Else Matters" By Metallica (Metallica, 1991)

Sid can win all the Hart Trophies and Conn Smythes that his All-Star heart desires, but what matters most to him is hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup at the end of each and every season.


2. Evgeni Malkin - "Hypnotize" By The Notorious B.I.G. (Life After Death, 1997)

Malkin's bad ass, and there's no one more bad ass in hip-hop than Biggie. Plus, with that smooth as silk score against the Sens on Tuesday, how can you not be hypnotized?


3. Mario Lemieux - "Thanks A Lot" By Third Eye Blind (Third Eye Blind, 1997)

Without Mario, we wouldn't have a whole lot to be thankful for as Pittsburgh hockey fans. If we didn't, I'd probably be using "How's It Going To Be" instead.


4. Matt Murray - "Save Tonight" By Eagle-Eye Cherry (Desireless, 1997)

Pretty straightforward I'd say.


5. Phil Kessel - "All Star" By Smash Mouth (Astro Lounge, 1999)

Ain't nobody snubs Phil on my watch - Bettman, the fans, whoever definitely spent too much time "Walking On The Sun". Also, Phil could absolutely face-off (on the ice or in an eat-off) against Shrek and be totally fine.


6. Conor Sheary - "My Name Is" By Eminem (The Slim Shady LP, 1999)

Sure, we've been pronouncing his last name all wrong, but we'll get it right eventually.


7. Jake Guentzel - "Buddy Holly" By Weezer (The Blue Album, 1994)

Just slap a pair of Hanson Brothers specs on Jake and you'll have your answer to this song. Dude would fit right in with Rivers and the gang. Also, greatest music video of all time? I reckon so...


8. Bryan Rust - "Rusty Cage" By Soundgarden (Badmotorfinger, 1991)

Always reminds me of Road Rash and now it will also make me think of #17.


9. Ryan Reaves - "...Baby One More Time" By Britney Spears (...Baby One More Time, 1998)

This one is just rich in irony and contrast. You never want to be hit by Ryan Reaves even once, let alone one more time.


10. Olli Määttä - "What's My Age Again?" By blink-182 (Enema Of The State, 1999)

Our underrated defender parties like the band and with a face like that, how the hell old is he?

11. Mike Sullivan - "Nice Guys Finish Last" By Green Day (Nimrod, 1999)

Hey, they don't hand out Stanley Cups just for being a nice guy. Sully sure as hell doesn't have to be. #Back2Back


12. Patric Hornqvist - "Closing Time" By Semisonic (Feeling Strangely Fine, 1998)

Who closed out the 2004 NHL Draft?  And who closed out the 2016-17 season with a Stanley Cup winning goal? Alrighty, just checking.


13. Carl Hagelin - "Heart-Shaped Box" By Nirvana (In Utero, 1993)

First, Hagelin could definitely be in a grunge band, and second, who was the "Heart" in the HBK line? Smells like some team spirit...


14. Kris Letang - "Tubthumping" By Chumbawamba (Tubthumper, 1997)

Letang took plenty of lickins' and just keeps on tickin'. Only seems approps he gets the Chumbawamba.


15. Justin Schultz - "Hard Knock Life" By JAY-Z (Vol. 2 - Hard Knock Life, 1998)

I had to choose this song even though it's inclusion screws up my Spotify playlist (that JAY-Z pulled the mogul card won't allow his jams to be jammed on there), but's quite evident that Schultz is gangsta. I mean, look at the guy. He'll screw your day up. 


16. Ian Cole - "Scar Tissue" By Red Hot Chili Peppers (Californication, 1999)

Ian Cole isn't afraid to put his body in front of the net and in the line of the fire of a puck, even if he has to catch said puck with his teeth.


17. Brian Dumoulin - "Thunder Rolls" By Garth Brooks (No Fences, 1990)

Dumo's a good American boy from Maine. Who knows if people from Maine listen to country music, but how he sported that jaw protector makes one want to call him "Big Thunder" and well, the Thunder Rolls. (Also not on Spotify, sadly.)


18. Zach Aston-Reese - "Ice Ice Baby" By Vanilla Ice (To The Extreme, 1990)

Ah yes, the new heartthrob in town. I'd never think I'd write or say that "Ice Ice Baby" has multiple layers to it, but in this case it does.

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