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Today's Price Is Right Contestant Had Strong Shirt Game

Today's Price Is Right Contestant Had Strong Shirt Game

A perfect way to cool down from a sun-filled, food-filled and six beer-filled (lightweight here) Fourth of July Tuesday after sleeping on a friend's basement loveseat for seven hours is to roll back into your apartment and stumble upon the 11 am CBS stalwart that is "The Price Is Right".

It's been quite awhile since I've rested my bones in front of an episode, but every time I flick it on, something happens to your energy level. My Aunt Rosemary Quattrone would always talk about how everybody's always happy on The Price Is Right and she was right. People are happy on there, which in turn can make you happy. I could have exploded a couple digits off my right hand JPP style in trying to fire up some off-market nipsy daisers yesterday, but all that would have been day-old bread if I heard "come on dowwwwn" with that classic jingle as a backdrop. And sure, Drew Carey can't top Bob Barker as the host with the most, but he does his own good thing. The dude's funny, witty and happy to be there. That's all I need for a good game show host and Carey delivers.

It was always a big dream of mine to be on The Price Is Right, and I've always considered it a game in itself to get "the call". First, if you show up as a group of college kids with all the same university shirts on, I'd say it's a surefire bet one of you gets called down. "Just happy to still be alive" semi-senile old person with a slower than normal gait? Bid without going over.  Unpredictable, overly-excited middle-aged women whose a sugar packet away from throat punching Drew if she won a car? Let's play some Plinko.

But Christopher had perhaps the best t-shirt strategy to get producers' eyes on him: 


Bam. Not only do you have the classic Barker angle working, but you double-down on the nostalgia strategy with it being from the classic donnybrook he had with Happy Gilmore. This man deserved to go the Showcase Showdown distance, and he did it by bidding within a mere $3,000 of the right price. I equally shared in Christopher's snowmobile / trip to South Africa winning joy until I saw the name that stifled my excitement in the closing credits:


Mike Richards? As in former lowlife Philadelphia Flyer, now out of the league, Mike Richards? Probably not a savvy enough businessman to get an executive producer role on television's longest running gameshow, but he did play for the LA Kings so who knows what he does when he's not not playing hockey or snorting coke off of strippers. I was ready to flip the channel in my unfounded disgust, but then in an odd turn of ironic serendipity I saw this name:


It's all coming together now. The fix is in, Bobby. If you got the Happy man himself directing the entire episode, it's only simple mathematics that somebody wearing a shirt from one of your greatest movies would get to spin the big wheel.

Either way, "I think you had enough."

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