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Top 50 Wrestlers Of The 1990s: #28 - The Steiner Brothers

Top 50 Wrestlers Of The 1990s: #28 - The Steiner Brothers

WrestleMania 34 is coming up, and being a wrestling fan, I tend to get a little more nostalgic for them olden days of when wrestlers didn't have scripts with WWE verbage in front of them. DeLorean back to my early days of fandom during the 1990s and you had a product that was hotter than any Seth Rollins theme song (you know, ”Burn It Down?” Okay, I’ll see that bad joke right out the door).

So from now up until "The Grandest Stage of Them All" (with a little help from Wikipedia to fill in the blanks), I will release my Top 50 wrestlers of the 1990., factoring in their impact from the kid-friendly first half to the cuss-ridden, beer drinking second half to determine where exactly your favorite heel or face fall in rank.


#28: The Steiner Brothers

Hailing From: Bay City, MI

Finisher: The Steinerizer

When you factor in what the Steiners did as a tag team and what they later did as single competitors (mostly Scott), they’re absolutely one of the top act of the 1990s.


Rick & Scott started off the decade in the promotion they’re most familiar with in WCW as the NWA Tag Team Champions. Being Michigan wrestling alum, both were athletic and solid in their wrestling style. 


They would mix it up with teams like the Freebirds (the Michael Hayes / Ronnie Garvin version), Doom (Ron Simmons & Butch Reed), the Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) and even have a run with the IWGP tag straps from Japan. Winning those, the NWA tag titles & the WCW tag titles got them the title of being “Triple Crown Champions”.

The brothers left for WWF in late 1992 after contractual differences and began establishing their act under the lights of Titan Sports. Combining their athleticism with their UM varsity jackets, colorful singlet combos and Rick’s wrestling head gear, the brothers had a way of standing out in the vibrant World Wrestling Federation atmosphere. They’d go on to win the WWF tag belts twice that would give them two PWI Tag Team of the year awards (1990 & 1993).

The Steiners split their decade down the middle with a six-month run in ECW where they were matched up with a lot of the talent on the top 50 list (Guerrero, Raven, Taz, Malenko & Benoit) until they finally made their way back to WCW in 1996.

With the emergence of acts like the nWo & Harlem Heat, Rick & Scott had a fresh new set of adversaries to go against that help establish a credible tag divison for what was becoming a stacked WCW roster.

It was at SuperBrawl VIII where Scott finally double-crossed Rick to join the black & white ranks and then we bid adieu to one of the greatest tag teams in not only the 90s, but all time.

Rick & Scott...

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