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Top 50 Wrestlers Of The 1990s: #42 - Ron Simmons

Top 50 Wrestlers Of The 1990s: #42 - Ron Simmons

WrestleMania 34 is coming up, and being a wrestling fan, I tend to get a little more nostalgic for them olden days of when wrestlers didn't have scripts in front of them. DeLorean back to my early days of fandom during the 1990s and you had a product that was hotter than a 1994 white Ford Bronco containing an ex-football star (okay, slight exaggeration, the whole O.J. thing did get an FX series after all).

So from now up until "The Grandest Stage of Them All", I will release my Top 50 wrestlers of the 1990., factoring in their impact from the kid-friendly first half to the cuss-ridden, beer drinking second half to determine where exactly your favorite heel or face fall in rank.


#42: Ron Simmons

Hailing From: Perry, GA

Finisher: The Seminole Slam

While Simmons had decent enough fanfare in the later part of the decade as Faarooq, the original Nation of Domination leader made the list solely off his WCW run from 1990-94 and for good reason.

Even if it was just the technicality of a name change due to WCW cutting it’s ties with the NWA brand, Simmons & Butch Reed (known as the tag duo, Doom) became the first ever WCW World Tag Team Champions at the beginning of 1991, but it didn’t take long for Ron to break away from Reed to go on his memorable babyface singles run. He defeated the likes of Scott Hall & Kevin Nash before they became stars and duked it out with Lex Luger for the World title at Halloween Havoc 1991. He’d also have a feud with Cactus Jack and eventually in 1992 would win the WCW Heavyweight belt from Vader to became the first African-American to win the WCW Heavyweight Championship.

However, due to some missed bookings and lack of trust because of said missed bookings, Simmons’ push and title run only lasted five months. After that, Ron floated around the midcard until he left (briefly) for ECW and then went on to WWF as Faarooq to form one of the most edgiest stables to come across pro wrestling.


Could Simmons been made more of star in either promotions? In WWF, he totally could have, but it’s tough when you have so many unique personalities and characters already taking up the main event spots.

Ron Simmons...

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