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Game 5 Of The World Series: Complaining About Midnight Games & I Own A Houston Astros Hat

Game 5 Of The World Series: Complaining About Midnight Games & I Own A Houston Astros Hat

Whew, game 4 was something else wasn't it? Too bad I caved in the bottom of the seventh to hit the sack, not the wisest move on my part considering that game exploded even more open that what already happened.

Holy smokes was I beat, though. People will bitch about the late start times and length of the games themselves (cue Mark Madden Tweet:)

Only thing, Mark, is very few people get paid to cover sports. You do, so hammer down a 5-Hour-Energy and do your due diligence, jock of shocks (but then again, all this Tweet is to grab attention and establish his "I only know hockey and wrestling" brand, so guess I can't fault for that?)

But I'll just own up to bitching out. As a sports fan, you know you have that extra fuel in reserve that you're able to channel in lieu of those special moments and I decided to hold onto said fuel, thinking that there's no way things could progress like they did in Game 2 fashion.

Hot damn was I wrong. Probably immediately after I shut off the TV, Springer probably went yard and then things literally became historic.


22 home runs most ever. Ace Kershaw gave up eight home runs so far this series, the most ever allowed by a single pitcher in a World Series, Altuve is short and is murdering the ball. The juiced balls add another caveat, controversial as that may be. (My thoughts on that: if it's a postseason round thing - as in these balls were used in every postseason game -  the playing field is still level so what's the problem?)

Things can be said for postseason baseball. Very positive things.


I Bought A Houston Astros Hat Four Years Ago & I'm Gonna Keeping Wearing It, Dammit

After Game 2, I sauntered around my apartment and found my Houston Astros cap that I bought four years while kicking in Philadelphia. My 2013 purchase was for three sole reasons: (1) The Astros were now apart of the AL so any rivalry ties that they had with the Pirates (and Cardinals, I also like the Cardinals - another story for another time) were now null and void, (2) I thought the "H" emblazoned on the star was a cool look and (3) they sucked so who would accuse me of hopping on some Oregon Trail bandwagon that was full of typhoid fever and dysentery?

Well, here we are 2017. I threw that hat on and the shit tossers come a-throwing. Not surprised, nor offended as if I was a shit thrower (which I am) I'd do the same damn thing. Hit me with it, boys. I get it, but that's not going to stop me from wearing this beautiful four-year investment.

Why wouldn't I? Think what you will dozens (and dozens) of readers, but I'll think that it was a savvy buy on my part. Sure, one that will yield me no monetary riches and more negative reactions than positives ones, but I think I'd do this inanimate object a great disservice if I didn't wear it in such significant times.

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